(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
adj. See fear. Ant., fearless.
(Roget's IV) modif.
1. [Apprehensive of the future]
Syn. hesitant, anxious, apprehensive, disturbed, frightened, fearful, scared, nervous, timorous, cautious, uneasy, timid, jittery, fidgety, alarmed, cowed, intimidated, cowardly, dismayed, daunted, disheartened, disquieted, discouraged, perplexed, worried, perturbed, upset, distressed, fainthearted, jumpy*, leery*, chicken*, shaky*, shook-up*.
Ant. confident*, self-assured, fearless.
2. [Gripped by fear]
Syn. scared, frightened, terrified, panic-stricken, in a fright, terror-stricken, terrorized, petrified, shocked, frozen, aghast, nerves all shot, alarmed, startled, aroused, horrified, stunned, rattled, unnerved, affrighted, struck dumb, trembling, in awe, in consternation, as though looking into an abyss, blanched, ashen, white as a sheet*, frightened to death*, scared to death*, scared stiff*, out of one's wits*, out of one's senses*, in a funk*.
Ant. brave*, unafraid, bold.
Syn.- afraid is applied to a general feeling of fear or disquiet and is the broadest in application of all the words considered here [ to be afraid of the dark, to be afraid to die ] ; frightened implies a sudden, usually temporary seizure of fear [ the child was frightened by the dog ] ; timid implies a lack of courage or self-confidence and suggests overcautiousness or shyness [ too timid to ask for an explanation ] ; fearful suggests a feeling of disquiet and a tendency to worry rather than an alarming fear [fearful of making an error ] ; timorous suggests fearfulness and lack of confidence as a habitual state of mind [ raised a timorous objection ] ; terrified implies intense, overwhelming fear [ he stood terrified as the tiger charged ]
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) a.
scared, frightened, fearful, terrified, panic-stricken, alarmed, apprehensive, anxious, shocked, frozen, rattled, startled, leery, jumpy, *wide-eyed with fear, shaky, quivering, *chicken, *sweating bullets, *spooked, *scared stiff, faint-hearted, paralyzed, *saucer-eyed, horrified.
ANT.: courageous, cool, calm, fearless. see fear
(Roget's Thesaurus II) adjective Filled with fear or terror: aghast, apprehensive, fearful, fearsome, funky, panicky. Regional: afeard, ascared. See FEAR.

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